I recently saw a thing where people were complaining about stiles' insensitivity towards people (isaac and liam) and hows he's a asshole ad how that isn't stiles and blah blah blah and the whole time i was reading it i was like, what show are you watching? Stiles is a asshole, it isn't a secret, but that's what's kind of great about Stiles!?!?!



I’ve got to say, I agree with you anon. I think Stiles has always been kind of a dick, it really isn’t anything new, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re okay things to say. Regardless, I don’t think Stiles’ comments are really out of character at all.

I agree they’re not out of character at all. I think the thing that bothers me about some of the things I’ve heard said about this topic lately, though, is that while I agree Stiles is a sarcastic little shit, I also don’t believe he was trying to be intentionally cruel in those situations with Liam and Isaac. Pissed off and/or unthinking, yes, intentionally mean, no. 

I think we need to consider the fact that Stiles is socially unaware and he has almost zero brain-mouth filter. He canonically does not read or respond to social cues like a normal person. I mean, most of us would not respond to Coach’s comment about “playing with yourself” by volunteering the information of how many times we masturbated that day, and yet you can see Stiles wasn’t doing it to be sarcastic, he just said it because it went through his head. He didn’t see anything wrong or embarrassing about it after he said it either, and there’s plenty of other similar instances.

I rather believe this is why Scott seems to pretty much be the only constant friend he had growing up, because Scott gets him and is so sweet and easy going he doesn’t get offended when Stiles says things that are either weird or could be taken as insulting, because he knows it doesn’t mean anything.

I’m not saying Stiles doesn’t intend to be cutting sometimes, I’m sure he does, we get a grand example of how biting he can be with Agent McCall when he was first introduced, but I don’t think that’s his intention all the time. 

I’m probably somewhat sensitive to this because one of my friends has Asperger syndrome, which, at least in her particular case results in behavior similar to what I’ve just described, only more intense, and she is always badly misunderstood as a result. So I may be a little biased, and this is just my opinion, but I think Stiles says some of the things he does simply because thoughts go straight from his brain to his mouth and he doesn’t necessarily always comprehend or process the social rules and cues that tell most of us what is and isn’t appropriate or considerate to say. I’m not saying that makes it all right, but it’s important to consider whether something was or wasn’t intended to cause harm, I think. 

Let’s not forget that when he did understand there to be potential harm in doing something to someone he viewed as vulnerable, even when he badly needed information from her, he was against it… 





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And let’s also not forget that in this same scene Isaac made a direct crack about Stiles being familiar with mental patients, after Stiles had just recently thought he actually was losing his mind, and had been in Eichen House. Here’s the thing with those two though, honestly, I think they actually related in some weird way through casual insults and inappropriate snark, like it was their common ground or something. *hugs them and misses Issac*

Soo… anyway, that’s just my personal take on things and I will shut up now. :) 


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"nerd" and"loser" were like hard hitting insults in the early 2000’s and now they are used as affectionate terms we have truly come full circle

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So yesterday I got bored so I made a Facebook account for an egg


And I friended a bunch of my friends and some strangers and posted some really dumb Facebook updates


And people started messaging me so I responded


And one person proposed to me


And then she blocked me so I made a status about it


Holy shell I need a life

why does an Egg have better social life than me